The intent of this site is to provide a resource of information on translations, characters, Units, etc. for SD GUNDAM G GENERATION WORLD. This is a work in progress, everyone (registered or not) is encouraged to share their own knowledge with this Wiki and contribute to it, so that everyone may enjoy and understand the game as much as they would like. Got something to share? Don't know where exactly to put it? Leave a comment on the Discussion forum! Be sure to sign your comments with 4 of these (~). NOTE: THIS IS BASED OFF THE OLD MAIN PAGE ON THE PREVIOUS WIKI. Will edit this as necessary.

IMPORTANT!! READ THE NEWS POST ON THE BOTTOM. I'd like to see all opinions on the matter in the Talk Page for this Page. The majority "vote", more or less, will decide the future of our endeavors to come.

Pages in this Wiki:

Ggenworld cover

Other Pages of Interest:


  • G GEN WORLD SHOUTWIKI is back up. Go there.

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